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North American Supplement

Highlighting the best examples of clinical excellence from North America

Published four times per year, the JWC North American Supplement shares new and innovative approaches to wound healing from leading specialists in the USA and Canada. It contains cutting-edge research and clinical reviews that share new approaches to patient care, and help to extend the boundaries of international wound care practice.

Represented by an eminent editorial board to guarantee the quality and relevance of its content, the supplement includes a wide range of articles from North America that are applicable to daily practice worldwide:

The North American Supplement is essential reading for wound care specialists worldwide who want to keep up-to-date with developments in wound management and tissue viability.

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The journal is essential reading for all wound-care specialists - nurses, doctors and researchers - who are keen to keep up-to-date with all developments in wound management and tissue viability, but also appeals to generalists wishing to enhance their practice.

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