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Why Journal of Wound Care?

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Here are just some of the reasons why you should subscribe to JWC:

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"JWC gives me very useful information on new trends in wound management and I can't wait for the next issue to come! I'm also very impressed by the editorial processing of the manuscripts I submit to JWC."
Magnus Ågren, Associate Professor, Department of Surgery and Copenhagen Wound Healing Center, Bispebjerg Hospital, Denmark

"The JWC started in 1992, I remember it well as the discipline was in its infancy and a dedicated journal was urgently needed. Since that time, JWC has published many seminal articles and featured every leading figure in the wound care world. It still has a major role to play in disseminating research, education and guidance to its readers."
Richard White, Professor of Tissue Viability, University of Worcester, UK

“The JWC provides a valuable resource to all those working in the field of wound care. Its particular strengths are the clinical applicability for busy clinicians, its presentation of all forms of research, its international audience and willingness to address policy issues that impact on care provision. I continue to submit work to the journal for all of these reasons"
Christine Moffatt CBE, Professor

“JWC is a fundamental resource not only for clinicians, but also for researchers—it covers many innovative topics and the articles concern advanced technologies and epidemiology, but of special note is that JWC accepts those challenging articles that represent the seeds of novel concepts, which may yet be immature but are promising and cutting-edge."
Hiromi Sanada Professor of Nursing, University of Tokyo, Japan

“The most common wound care provider is not the highly trained professional, but the bedside nurse. For these daily providers, there are few journals that provide up to date information that can be easily applied. The JWC fills that gap for all of us!”
Joyce M. Black, PhD, RN, CPSN, CWCN, FAAN, Associate Professor, University of Nebraska Medical Center

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